As an alternative to the vitality leave scheme (Article 8.6), if you have less than seven years to go until you become eligible for state retirement (AOW) pension, you can apply at any time to join the 80-80-100 scheme (80% work - 80% income - 100% pension accrual).

You can request your employer to reduce your working hours by up to 20% until you retire while continuing to accrue pension at 100% within the applicable statutory frameworks. Your working hours up to two years before the scheme starts will be used for the calculation of these percentages. Your employment benefits will be adjusted pro rata, but during this period you will continue to accrue 100% pension entitlements (‘80-80-100 scheme’).

If you have not yet been employed for seven years, you can use this scheme for up to half the number of years of service that you can attain at your employer until reaching the age of entitlement to state retirement (AOW) pension.

The day on which you make use of the 80-80-100 scheme is used for the calculation of the number of service years and the maximum length of the period in which you can use the scheme.

The application procedure for adjusting working hours that applies under the Flexible Working Act will apply.

The vitality leave scheme and the 80-80-100 scheme may not be used concurrently. If you use the 80-80-100 scheme, you cannot apply for vitality leave. If you participate in the former scheme leave for seniors, you are not eligible to participate in the 80-80-100 scheme unless you choose to waive your right to participate in this scheme. If you do not use the 80-80-100 scheme and take vitality leave in the period of seven years prior to reaching the age of entitlement to state retirement (AOW) pension, your right to participate in the 80-80-100 scheme will lapse.

This 80-80-100 scheme can be invoked once only. Premature termination of participation in this scheme does not entitle you to invoke the vitality scheme.