Your employer's pension scheme must satisfy at least the following standards:

  • the pension base equals the pensionable salary less the state pension deductible. Pension is not accrued on the state pension deductible as the Dutch state old age pension benefit (AOW) is taken into account. The AOW benefit is based on the Dutch General Old Age Pensions Act;
  • the pensionable salary is equal to the annual salary, if and to the extent that this does not exceed the statutory maximum pensionable salary based on full-time employment. Individual employer may arrange additional pension provisions;
  • the target retirement age is 68 years;
  • the lifelong (marriage) partner's pension amounts to 70% of the retirement pension accrued or to be accrued by the participant;
  • the orphans' pension per child equals 14% of the retirement pension accrued or to be accrued by the participant. The number of children who are entitled to an orphans' pension may be limited to two.

The pension scheme must provide for the possibility to accrue pension entitlements within the context of the 80-80-100 scheme.

Your employer may depart from the minimum requirements per component if agreements are reached with the trade unions on a pension accrual percentage, state pension deductible level, contribution amounts and the employee contribution that are equivalent to these elements.