Work carried out during shift work or shifted hours of work must be set down in a timetable and as such, explicitly related to a particular job.

If you work during a shift or shifted hours of work you will be paid a shift work allowance and your hours of work will be set down in a timetable covering at least three months.

For specific situations, employers may agree a different timetable period with the employee representation or the trade unions.

You will be consulted in time about the setting up of the timetables. You will be given an overview of the hours of work and the average shift work allowance based on this. This means that over a certain period in your timetable the average of the allowances associated with the various hours of work will be calculated.

For shift work, an endeavour will be made to provide you with at least two consecutive days off per week. If one day off follows a night shift, then your sleeping time immediately following the night shift does not count as a day off.

A half-hour break between 00.00 and 07.00 or between 20.00 and 24.00 and on Saturday morning until 08.00 will be regarded as working hours.

If, following directly on from the period 00.00 hours to 07.00 hours and on Saturday up to 08.00 hours, continuous work has been carried out in the hours between 07.00 and 09.00 as well, a compensation of 150% will also apply for these hours.

You will be paid the compensation for working during a shift or shifted hours of work in accordance with the table in §2 Compensation Article 7.