Employers using salary scale amounts that are higher than the amounts in the salary tables in Article 6.8 may adjust their salary scales in the light of the social context and in consultation with the employee representatives. If the employee representatives so chooses, this consultation can also take place with the trade unions.

The following applies during the transition to the new scales:

  • If you are classified in a lower salary scale as a result of applying the new salary scales, you will be given a) the guarantee that you will not lose out on individual job salary and b) a prospective guarantee of three increments from your previous salary scale in as far as there was room to do so in that scale.
  • Your individual job salary can rise as soon as the new salary scale allows for this.
  • An employer can make further arrangements for a prospective guarantee for its entire workforce, for one or more groups or for individual cases.
  • If your individual allowances and guarantees are not included in your individual job salary they will not be included in this scheme.