Your individual working days and hours of work will be determined in consultation with your manager.

When determining the individual working days and hours of work, the right balance will be sought between the interests of the individual, the team and the organisation.

The individual working times are agreed in consultation between you and your employer on the basis of your working hours.

When determining the individual hours of work when the working week averages 36 hours, forms of identifiable time off for you of at least half a day are provided, as follows:

  • a half day off per week or one day off per two weeks;
  • a four-day working week of 4 x 9 hours, where this is possible and useful from an organisational perspective;
  • different working weeks in number of days on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. In this case the relevant agreements will be established in good time;
  • variations of these forms.

Your preferences will in principle be followed. If there are organisational obstacles, a clearly motivated explanation will be given to you so that you can consider a different option.