In the annual performance or appraisal discussions, it may emerge that you are not - or no longer - functioning adequately in your current job.

Your employer will - where possible - offer you another job with an equal job level. If this is not feasible, your employer will seek placement in a lower job.

In addition, we distinguish the following situations:

  • if you have been in service less than three years or if your promotion to a higher job took place less than three years ago, you will be paid the salary that goes with the new lower job. If you are returned to your original job after promotion you will not be graded lower than the classification you had before being promoted. The number of years’ experience you have will be taken into account when you are classified in a lower salary scale
  • if you have been performing your current job for more than three years, if you are placed in a job to which a lower salary scale applies, you will be classified in the lower salary scale. As long as the current salary exceeds the maximum of the lower salary scale, the salary will not be adjusted along with the collective income adjustments under this CLA.
  • if you have been performing your current job for more than three years and you have seven years or less to go until you become eligible for an AOW pension at the time you are transferred to a new lower job, your current individual job salary is guaranteed. This individual job salary will then only be adjusted in conformity with any income adjustments under this CLA.