An employer without a company salary system will apply an allowance of up to 15% of the individual job salary to reflect the way in which you do your job and to reward the results of this, unless the employer makes use of the conversion option in Article 6.4. to convert the appraisal allowance into an increase of the job salaries of the employees and the salary scales or into a fixed supplement to the job salary. The appraisal system referred to in Article 6.12 is also used by employers without a company appraisal system.

The performance-related allowance will be determined again each year and can be disbursed on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.

The appraisal and corresponding allowance relates to the manner in which the job is carried out and the results that are attained:

  1. by you as an individual employee;
  2. by the organisational structure in which you work (the department, team, project group, etc.).