The following principles apply with respect to the time needed for and costs of training:

  • Training necessary for the direct performance of your current job or in consultation with the employer for your next internal job takes place during working hours. The costs of this are paid in full by the employer.
  • Training followed in anticipation of expected developments and necessary for continued employability of the employee in the labour market normally takes place half during your free time and half during working hours. After consultation with the employee, the employer makes an agreement with the employee regarding any reimbursement of costs.
  • If your job becomes redundant due to a reorganisation, the costs of training for a different job are for the account of the employer and the training will as far as possible take place during working hours.

In consultation with the employee representatives, the employer can make a group or individual budget available for training needed for sustainable employability in the labour market. The employer will set guidelines with respect to the spending purpose. With respect to reimbursement of costs, the principle is that training will be fully reimbursed if it is necessary for the direct performance of your current job or, in consultation with the employer, your next internal job or another job as a result of reorganisation.